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I’m eager to learn every single way there is to perfectly engage with a public, promote a brand and release my creativity.

Starting from March I will be living and working in Berlin, Germany. If you have any desire to hire me as a trainee I will be free in September and willing to work anywhere in Europe. I’m mainly looking for a place around the French border but I can consider moving everywhere 🙂

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Who am I ?

yanissphotoAs of right now, I’m a 21 years old student in my third year focusing on History of Arts and Communication. I might have been hesitant when I started but now I see how important it is to link what artists try to express and raw communication. The first time I realized this was when I’ve been able to link the Lacoste ad to one of the major works of Georges Rousse . I then swore myself that I would try and be as conceptual as possible when working while still trying to reach a bigger audience.

That’s basically my main goal in life at this moment. I want to learn and I want to express my creativity. I know that I have the potential of having very good ideas and that I can concretize them with hard work and focus. I just need the structure and the surroundings. Will you be those ?

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