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I just put two all-nighters in a row…

And I don’t feel as bad as I expected.

First things first : This is the first time I’m writing a decent sized blog post in english and like the title is saying : I did not sleep for more than 48 hours as of the moment I’m writing this. I still have to go through the day before having the possibility to sleep in a real bed so please be indulgent with my english. I hope I won’t give you any headache…

I chose to write this blog post because that’s a first for me and I wanted to share my experience. I used to do all nighters at least once every month since I graduated from high-school but this year is my last year and I tried to finish my projects in time and not rush them like I used to : the night before I’m supposed to turn it in.

What amazed me most is how accurate your memories of the last hours are. In my case, we are right now Tuesday noon and I’m awake since Sunday morning. And I’m just able to remember everything I did very precisely, without missing a thing.

You know that feeling when you start to mix memories of the last two days or when you can’t remember precisely what you did ? Well it just does not happen when you did two all nighters in a row. I know what happened Sunday, Sunday night, Monday, Monday night and Tuesday.

There’s an other thing which is quite mind-blowing when you think about it : Since Sunday, I spent time doing things most people spent sleeping. If we consider people sleep seven hours a night, I spent fourteen hours awake doing things, being productive while other people were doing “nothing”.

I know about studies saying that when you’re not sleeping, your productivity decreases exponentially. That’s probably true and I admit that like I’ll say in my next point : I feel slow. I can still do things but my reflexes and movements are slower. But I feel like my mind thinks properly. I’m debating right now with my classmates over a project of ours and I don’t feel like what I’m saying is complete utter crap.

An other thing which is kind of sketchy is how numb my body started to feel today. My mind can still be very focused although not for a very long time. On average, when I feel well rested I know that I can focus on a task for more time than I’m able right now. When I outlast that period of time I start to feel how long I take to answer and I need to do something less brain-intensive like just chatting or chilling on Reddit before getting back to those important tasks.

What else ? That was interesting to be honest. Showering myself three times without sleeping between them, taking three breakfasts, three lunches, three dinners, having a bonus in a game where if I og myself in each day I receive gifts, receiving three of these bonuses withtout sleeping between receiving each one of them. All of those little things which are kind of funny when you think about it.

And that wraps up my first blogpost in english and my “review” of doing two all nighters in a row 😀

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section 🙂 I hope my english did not bother you, and I’ll see you next time.

Edit : It’s now Tuesday 7PM, still did not sleep but I feel better. I did read this post and there’s a lot of grammatical mistakes, I apologize for these. Consider my state while writing this post before being too harsch on me, I’m quite litterally falling asleep while standing still. Anyway, thanks for reading this ! See you later !

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